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The Natural Way to Heal Diaper Rash

Treat Diaper Rash the Natural Way with MoonMaker

Working to treat diaper rash feels like a never-ending struggle. Buy one cream, it works for a while, and then the rash is back. Another cream, another rash. And those smelly, messy creams are expensive! The pediatrician says fresh air is the best way to treat diaper rash but letting baby go "commando" is much easier said than done. Let the little one run free, and you’re stuck cleaning up the mess, chasing after baby with paper towels and carpet cleaner. Sheer misery!

Diaper rash is literally a pain in the butt. For both your baby and for you.

Introducing MoonMaker™ – the natural way to treat diaper rash that’s easy, pediatrician-recommended and parent-approved.

MoonMaker™ is a revolutionary product designed to aid in the healing and prevention of diaper rash. Pediatricians and parents alike agree that the best remedy for your baby’s diaper rash is keeping the affected area dry by exposing it to the open air, and MoonMaker makes that easy and mess-free!

How does MoonMaker work? This backless diaper-like garment provides coverage in the front (preventing all those sprinkles and showers), while staying open in the back to let your baby air out. Your baby will be happy and comfortable while allowing their diaper rash to clear up naturally. Treating diaper rash has never been so easy! Best of all, MoonMaker™ is affordable. Just one MoonMaker™ garment will help to aid in the healing of diaper rash for months or even years to come!

Let your baby and you experience freedom from diaper rash – no ifs ands, or butts!

I love the simplicity and cleanliness of this product. My child’s rash healed in no time once his behind aired out.” – Shad R.