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The Natural Way to Heal Diaper Rash

About MoonMaker™

MoonMaker™ is a revolutionary new product designed to help heal and protect against diaper rash. By keeping things open and dry in the back, the design lets your baby’s rash heal naturally while the coverage in the front makes sure that your home stays as dry and easy to care for as your baby’s healed backside.

Physicians and parents alike agree that the best remedy for diaper rash is simply exposing the effected area to the open air and letting it dry and heal on its own. The MoonMaker™ design does just that, leaving your baby’s backside open while keeping the front carefully protected. Let your child experience fun, fresh freedom from diaper rash – no ifs, ands or butts!

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MoonMaker™ is a wonderful product. The power of air dry trumps any diaper cream, and the MoonMaker™ is the perfect solution.” – Katherine S Teruel, MD, Colorado Pediatrician