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Win a MoonMaker Starter Pack!

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Heal diaper rash naturally with MoonMaker.

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Parenting – Play, Laugh, Love

Girls Dancing

Play. Laugh often. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Simple truths to help keep parenting and life in balance.

Recently I’ve read several posts about how quickly the parenting years pass. Each post resonated with me, and I reflected on my parenting journey. I’ll admit that sometimes life is hectic and I’m not as present in the moments with my children as I should be. So, I’ve consciously chosen to be more present and it has been great. When I play with them (really play, I’m a good pirate) nothing beats the twinkle in their eyes.

My oldest daughter is in middle school. I am blessed to have a close relationship with her. She confides in me and asks my advice about navigating her friendships. Middle school is a tremendous growing experience. Meeting new friends, exposure to new classes and ideas makes her world bigger and our conversations more interesting.

She has grown into a lovely young lady. Long gone are the days when I held her small hand in mine to cross the street or felt her warm breath on my neck as she naps. I still hear “I love you mom”, but she doesn’t say it while holding my cheeks and hugging me tightly. No longer do I see her brown eyes asking for one more lullaby. She has traded the I love you more than game for TBH on Instagram and Good Night Moon for mystery books.

What I do have is a smart, strong, confident daughter who is successful in the classroom, on the soccer field, and in life. I am so proud and love to watch her fly!

When I reflect on how quickly the years have passed, I cherish the moments with my Little H’s. Small hands to hold, sweaty sleepers who want to share my bed, and big kisses are gold. I will have plenty of years to sleep through the night. Right?

One of the things I love about MoonMaker is being in the baby industry. Making parents and babies happy is an awesome job!

Click on over to Facebook  and share your comments. Here is one of my favorite posts this week Four Words that Changed the Way I see My Children.


All the best,


How to Treat Diaper Rash

How to heal diaper rash     If you are wondering how to treat diaper rash or prevent your child from getting diaper rash, you are not alone. With four million children in the USA experiencing diaper rash, parents everywhere are seeking a solution to this uncomfortable, and often painful, childhood experience.

There are many causes of diaper dermatitis, such as yeast, bacterial infections, skin sensitivities, and prolonged exposure to wetness. To treat and prevent diaper rash it’s important to keep the area clean and dry. Pediatricians recommend exposing your child’s bottom to air as often as possible, and then applying a protective barrier cream while your child wears a diaper.

That’s why MoonMaker™ works to heal and prevent diaper rash. You get the benefits of a diaper in the front while the back is open and healing. While wearing MoonMaker™ your child is free to nap or move around and play, and you are free from pee-pee accidents.

Of course an open back can’t protect from all accidents. Just like if you were letting your child run around naked to heal, it is best to start empty after they go #2. The benefits of air dry far outweigh that risk.

Please check with your pediatrician for questions about your child’s diaper rash.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about how MoonMaker™ works. Here are some resources to learn more about how to treat diaper rash.

Children’s Hospital Colorado

Ask Dr. Sears

Mayo Clinic


“MoonMaker™ is a wonderful product. The power of air dry trumps any diaper cream, and the MoonMaker™ is the perfect solution.” – Katherine S Teruel, MD, Colorado Pediatrician