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The Natural Way to Heal Diaper Rash

Frequently Asked Questions

img-faqHow does MoonMaker™ help to heal diaper rash?
Physicians and parents alike agree that the best remedy for your baby’s diaper rash is keeping the affected area dry by exposing it to the open air, which is why the innovative design of MoonMaker™ works so well! MoonMaker™ allows for your child’s backside to be airy and open, while still providing coverage and protection in the front

How do I put it on?
Simply unfasten the waistband and lay it down with the rear opening at the top and pop in a pad tucking the ends in the fabric flaps. Lay your child down so the curve of their bottom is on the pad, just above the fabric flap. Adjust the waist band as needed and make sure to fold down and fasten the front so their little fingers stay away from the closure.

What is the age range for this product?
MoonMaker™ will keep your little one covered while they’re on the move, recommended age is 9 – 24 months.

How do I change the shaped insert?
Remove the MoonMaker™ garment and replace the insert. Dispose insert in waste basket, do not flush in toilet.

What about #2?
Accidents may happen. Just like when you let your little one be a nudie-cutie to heal a diaper rash, it is best to let their moon shine after their #2.

How often should I change the shaped insert?
This is not a diaper in the traditional sense. You’re good to go for one or two wee-wees, but junior can’t frolic in the same pad for more than that. For maximum absorbency, check for wetness and put in a fresh pad as needed.

What material is it made of?
MoonMaker™ is 100% cotton exclusive of Velcro and elastic. The outer shell is a fun cotton print and the interior shell is soft cotton flannel. Only the softest material will touch your child.

What are the washing instructions? Fasten Velcro prior to washing. Machine wash warm with non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble Dry low.

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