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The Natural Way to Heal Diaper Rash

How Does It Work?

MoonMaker™ is a diaper rash remedy that works great, looks cute, and – best of all – is easy to use. Plus, you don’t have to deal with loads of messy creams or the impending doom of your child leaving spills all over your home. Slip them in the garment after they’ve gone #2 and their bum will thank you.

Stop the struggle. Follow these instructions to get your baby into your MoonMaker™ and watch their diaper rash clear right up.

How do I put this thing on?

diaper rash remedy step 1

Unfasten the waistband and lay it down with the rear opening at the top.

step2Unwrap absorbent insert from plastic overwrap and remove adhesive strip. Stretch insert fully and place each end in the interior pockets of the MoonMaker™ garment as shown. Press insert firmly into garment.

step3Lay Hansel or Gretel down so the curve of their bottom is on the pad, just above the fabric pocket.

step4Secure the velcro straps and adjust the waist band as needed. Make sure to fold down and fasten the front so their little fingers stay away from the closure and you’re all set!

Try it for yourself!